Saturday, July 7, 2012

BLD, Tatiana....and a few things I've been meaning to catch up on!!!!!

I've been so busy with Broken Leg Dog lately, I haven't been catching up with some other things going on these days. I still have to show you some pics......he was chilling and playing with his stuffed bunny today.....
A fight to the death.........

bunny you will not win!!!!

Oh, well...too much activity for the morning!!!
We are still running our contest....$20.00 and a unique name gets you a tee....go to and use our Paypal!! Keep him in your thoughts....the doc is worried since he isn't using the leg at all...we will know more Monday!!
Someone posted on Husky Haven Facebook the other day about Tatiana. She is a sweet girl we have had for a month or so......rescued from animal control with some of the worst abrasions I've seen in awhile. It looked like she had been chained outside and also areas that looked like she had been attacked by other dogs....

I will have a pic to post in the next day or so, she has really improved and is a wonderful girl waiting for adoption!!!!
I have all kinds of other news....but it will have to wait for tomorrow....I do have a couple of pics of my foster, Effie......laying around in her foster brothers crate........he really hates that during mealtime!!!!
I know there are other crates here.....

this one is just more comfortable!!!!!!!
Once again go to and help with BLD, or just take a look at all the beautiful kids we have for adoption....have a great evening!!!!!!

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