Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some updates.........

I will always put BLD at the top of my blog....we still need help and he still needs a unique name....20.00 at Paypal, and a name and I'll have a tee for you within a week. We are still worried that  not using his leg is going to be a problem.....hopefully the doc will enlighten us this week!!!! And remember we also have to put him through heartworm treatment and possibly rehab for his leg.......we will continue to need help.......
OK.....on to some other stuff. I wrote about Tatiana yesterday and showed you how she looked when she was rescued by us...........I took these pics can see she is doing much better......she has such a sweet face!!!!
My neck is looking much better!!!!

Look me in the eyes and tell me you can come and get me!!!!!

Wanted to show you an updated pic of Miss Nellie......she was adopted a few months ago.......

Hi everyone, as you can see, my new life here is fabulous!!!!!
What a wonderful life she has now....they love her and look......she gets to go boating!!! Looking forward to other pics of Nellie on many different excursions!!!!!
Last but not least for of our dogs got a really great foster yesterday!!!! Zorr had not been in our program for very long ...maybe a month and we were trying our best to fatten him up!!! You couldn't tell he was rail thin , since he had such a fluffy coat.....but you could feel every bone!!! He has a great demeanor.......never hassled with any other dog and is pretty content just to let you pet him!!! Our fosters brought their dog, Jenny, for a meet and greet.
Zorr was a calm as he could be and Jenny had no problems with him. We showed a couple of dogs....but they were convinced from the beginning that Zorr was the guy they wanted to foster!!!
Here I am with the new family and Jenny!!!!

Can we go now???

You never know....maybe he'll get a permanent home out of this, but if not he will get some training and time to spend in a real home so he will be used to a forever home when it comes!!!! Be a good boy Zorr!!!!!
One thing Husky Haven always needs is fosters....if you can find it in your heart to take one of our kids home for a weekend , week or all helps them get quickly acclimated to a home environment when they are adopted......Thanks!!!


  1. Zorr and his foster Mom were are the Pet Store for some new treats etc when he was spotted by a lady that fell in LOVE. They made a plan to bring the rest of the family and their dog to visit and they hit it off really well so they filled out the application. Tomorrow they will be doing the paperwork and he will go to his new home!!

  2. Zorr went to his new home today. Prayers go with him for a happy life!!