Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Last week was busy and crazy!!! Reliant dog show for four days....I'm just getting caught up with everything!!! Really Thursday and Friday were pretty light traffic......that was a good thing......the weekend however was so crowded....I don't think I ever stopped talking........but I'm good at that. The first thing I have to do is thank the wonderful Husky Haven volunteers that took time out of their weekend to work the show!!! So a huge thanks to : Cyndii, Becky, Barb, Donna M, Krista, Donna and her husband Tracy, Felicia and her husband Mark, Alicia and her husband Blake. Also want to welcome our newest, and youngest volunteer, Haven!!! She is my friend Cyndii's granddaughter......she had a blast with us on Friday and was even passing out info for us!!!
Miss Haven

As you can see she has her very own Husky Haven tee-shirt, she was one of the group!!!! Also have to thank the dogs that spent so much time there.....not that it was hard when they had people loving on them all day!!! Effie and Gunter spent three full days there....they were tired by Sunday!! We also had Tilton, Kia and Denver spend some time over the weekend....they will all be in my next post. I have some others to thank too......TAMR, the Malamute rescue for ten huge bags of food, my friend , Lynne , from K-9 Airlift for her huge bag of food donated to us. Purina gave us boxes of treats and food at the end of the show, Lisa Welch donated a gorgeous ring...we will be auctioning that stay tuned. Thanks , too,to Chris and his Mom for the generous donation of their delicious cinnamon pecans and almonds. 
I love Huskies, but being at the show I would be remiss not to mention some other dogs and rescues that are doing great work. This is Belle, a three year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix, she was a sweet girl and I hope she too gets a forever home.......
Sweet , lovely Belle!!!!
She was giving me kisses the whole time I was with her........go to and see her story. 
I think it's about time to wrap up....but I will be having tons of stories over the week about our time this year at Reliant.
Can't go however without mentioning BLD. Our contest is still on....although we have some absolutely stellar names. Remember to go to our Paypay at and donate $20.00 and give us an unusual name, I'll send a shirt and whoever wins gets one of my custom pieces of jewelry.
I'm learning how to climb again!!!!!
How can you resist that face!!!!!! Also puppies are 6 months old tomorrow.....updates and I had a Billy sighting at Reliant....Later!!!


  1. Beth, I'm curious about this jewelry:) I would love to see some of t. Glad that you guys had a successful reliant event. It's always good to see our HH friends:)

    1. Thanks girl....I have some of my jewelry on my Etsy store....which I need to link to my blog and facebook. Been so busy haven't had a chance. Right now my Etsy needs to be updated...there aren't as many items as I would like. My shop is lovelylizzys......thanks for asking.

  2. Were there any adoption or foster applications after the show for those wonderful stars?

    1. Looks like both Effie and Gunter will be going to fosters, with option to adopt,sometime this weekend!!!!