Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pet Fest Part 2.....

I wanted to show a few more pictures of our weekend at Pet Fest.....I have some more of our dogs and also from some friends at other great places in Houston!!!!
Here is one of our babies...Jack. He was there with his foster Mom, Shelley. He is incredibly well behaved and loves all dogs, large and small.
Here is Lottie....I've mentioned her before....she is my foster....she was also great at the show.

This is Tilton getting love from Brandon and Julia!!!! He is a beautiful, good-natured red and always if you are interested in Jack, Tilton or Lottie....please go to Husky Haven and check them and all our dogs out!!!
While Huskies are my fav dogs....I consider myself a rescuer first and foremost....I have many other dogs I love and would like to show some of the wonderful rescues and groups here.
This is Jagger......he and his Mom are with Treat 'Em Right Rescue. As you can see he's had a hard life , but is now a celebrity in Houston!!!! This group rescues Pit Bulls and other bully breeds.....please take a look.
This is Molly....she is with Best Friends FurEver. This is an all breed rescue, I play and have fun with many of their Pits at a kennel we have some dogs in. Since I see their dogs often....I am going to start putting one of the dogs in my blog every week or so, they need a bunch of love too!!!!
This is a beautiful outfit, with her Dad Dave. Dave and his wife Lynne run K9 Airlift....they transport rescues all over the country to areas with less overpopulation!!!! Please check them out, they do fantastic things and I'm honored to be their friend.
Of course I can't close without having a few more Husky pics.......
Amber, from our rescue, out and about with her Mom, Donna!!!!

Jack, Kia and Lottie having a love fest....the theme was Woofstock after all!!!!

Lottie, giving a sniff to Honey....she is our directors son's baby!!!
Hope you enjoy the pics....and , of course, I want you to adopt from us.....but all rescue is good!!!!!

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