Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm getting remiss.....

First I want to say thank you to all of you that posted on my blog and Facebook last Friday......that day is always hard for me.....so again thanks.

We've had a ton of adoptions and fosters....I hope I don't forget anyone.......
Our first little girl was Miss Angelina....she was never posted on the website!!!! She became the foster of the family that had fostered Denver and got him adopted, they took her and a couple of weeks later found a new forever home for her!!! She was a sweet , calm girl....I know she'll have a wonderful life!!
Karina also got adopted a couple of weeks ago.I don't know if you remember , but she was the Momma of the six puppies we got back in January. This is what she looked like about eight months ago.....
And here's what she looked like the day she got adopted......
She has really filled out nicely.....looking good......she also went to a wonderful home......I miss her everyday!!
Tamara....who was taken by our friend , Val , last month.....was also adopted a couple of weeks later.....here she is with her new family!!!!
The family that adopted Tamara decided she needed a running buddy......so they decided to foster Shara!!!!
Shara and Tamara!!!
So Val then decided to foster , Shyloe, Shara's litter mate!!!!
Looks comfy doesn't she!!!!!
And finally, at least for tonight is my new foster, Lottie!!! I have a story to tell about how she got to us but that is for another day!!!!
Sweet, calm Lottie......she doesn't know what to do with my three!!!
If any of you are in the Houston area....please come and see us at Pet Fest this weekend......a bunch of these fosters and more will be there waiting for you to give them some love.......Pet Fest Old Town Spring...here is the info for you to check it out.....
Have a wonderful evening!!!!!

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