Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We had a couple of adoptions that resulted from our work at Pet Fest last weekend!!! A couple of little girls went to their forever homes......
Shara was adopted last week.....she is a little girl, probably not much more than a year old, that we rescued with her litter mate Shyloe. We don't know much about her, just that she was picked up by animal control and then came to us. I have contacted the adopters and hope to get some pics soon of her in her new home.....have a wonderful time , little girl!!!!
Little Shara!!!!
Lottie, my foster, went to her forever home today......
Lottie with her new Dad, Jason!!!
She will be in a home with Mom, Dad, and two kids....and a tiny beagle/Schnauzer mix named Dixie. I already have a pic of her sitting in the living room enjoying a bone!!!!!
I never got a chance to include Lottie's back story, so this would be a good time......Lottie actually ended up at the SPCA....we rescued her from there. She was tossed from a moving car and landed in a ditch. The car following that car was too shocked to get the license number , but did run and get her to safety. She had many serious abrasions, was very skinny and couple of teeth had come through the side of her mouth......amazingly no broken bones!!!! She also is so loving and sweet......any dog that goes through that , and probably what proceeded it.......well, you would think they would be afraid of everyone.....not Miss Lottie!!!!
Her face a few months ago in the process of healing where the teeth had come through.

I thought I had a better pic....you can't really see well all the skin and hair she was missing underneath.....
But, here's what she looked like leaving today......
Love you Lottie, I know you have a terrific home!!!!!
More updates soon...........


  1. Congratulations on both adoptions! Nice to know your work at Pet Fest paid off!

    1. Thanks....it really worked out well this year!!!