Sunday, September 8, 2013


So I wanted to do a quick update on Murray. Don't know if you remember him. We picked him up at the end of January this year from animal control. When we came to get him we were told he had a broken shoulder, but he also had a fractured pelvis. After putting pins in his shoulder he basically was in his crate all the time. We would have to hoist him out when he needed to pee. We never figured he'd make such a wonderful recovery!!!

These were some pics I took right after his surgery.....he was one hurting boy!!! I felt so sorry for him being confined as he was......but he is one resilient you can tell in this video I took a week or so ago!!!
He's still looking for a good home.....if you are interested in him or any of our other beautiful kids, please go to  Husky Haven and check them out. I want to thank Murray for showing everyone he doesn't need help to get up and pee anymore!!!
Have a great rest of the weekend........
Go Texans!!!!


  1. Ha! Murray is such a love. I know he got really spoiled during his recovery and he tends to be a bit of an attention hog but really, who could blame him! He's had such a rough time and he needed so very much one on one attention. I love him and wish we had room for him. Really, I wish we were active enough for him! He deserves a home with lots of energy.


    1. He really does need an active family!!! He is such a sweetie though!!!

  2. So good to see Murray up and about. We have our paws crossed he finds a forever home really soon. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. He is such a lively, darling, affectionate dog and deserving of a good home with an active family.


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