Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some Stuff.....

Busy, busy week....but back to posting!!!! So first a little bitching!!! Last week I thought this terrible winter was over....we actually had a couple of days in the 70's!!! That all stopped Sunday, when I got up to take care of dogs it was in the 20's and raining....crazy. This is what it looked like Tuesday morning....
Yes, people that is ice all over those trees....I live in Houston, not supposed to be happening in March. Luckily the temps have gone up, we are no longer freezing and I hope that's it....I just can't handle it!!! Okay...I'm done with that.
Sunday night I went to help with the dogs and we had some previous adopters there. They had decided to pick glad he is finally getting his chance. Like I said they've had Huskies before, so they know what to expect. I forgot my camera...wasn't expecting anyone....but their son gave me his phone so I could get a pic before they left.
Solomon has decided to be a lap dog....they really didn't care either!!!! So glad for him, their son is going to work at training happy!!!
One last thing for today....Happy Birthday son....have a great time you.
Have a great evening......


  1. I am very happy for Soloman! He will be sooo loved,, and his new family looks so loving.

    1. They were ready for a new guy in their lives....he'll have a great time. Thanks , we love you too.....

  2. Way to go Soloman and we hope for happy days for you. Glad the weather is getting better. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a lovely family. Solomon. So happy Soloman found this great home!

  4. Good decision soloman. Lap dog is a great life. Trust me ;P