Friday, February 1, 2013

Day one.....

So it's February, my birthday month and also my girl Lizzy's. So I start day one of my daily posting with some happy news. Murray is doing well....he's still in pain and can't move much, but he has the greatest attitude in the world. We are still holding him up so he can do his business, but he lets us know when he is ready!!! We are still looking for donations, so if you can please go to Husky Haven and click our Pay Pal. I thank all of you so much!!!!!
So a few weeks ago I was pretty down, on a Saturday we had gotten one dog adopted and one dog fostered. They both came back. I don't think I posted for a week. Last weekend our girl , Lynette, who had been adopted the last time got adopted again!!! But this time she is with the right family, since they took her they have called our director numerous times to tell her how perfect Lynette is and how much they love her. I guess sometimes it takes a little time!!!
We couldn't be happier for you pretty girl!!!!!!
So this next paragraph is for all of you of course, but it will have some special meaning for those of you that have been around Husky Haven for a while.I reported on this blog last year that our boy Carlton had gone to a foster home!!! Carlton is a beautiful boy, never could figure out why he was so hard to place. He'd been fostered and adopted and always ended back with us. Well, his fosters got him a forever home!!!! Mr. Carlton finally has a place to call his own!!!

We wish you the very best.....sometimes it takes a couple of years!!!!
So the couple that was fostering Carlton decided to take another foster , and this is for our die hard Husky Haven volunteers.....Captain Jack has a foster home with a great family!!!
Both of these dogs had been around for some time......good things can happen if we are patient!!!! I'm so happy for all three of these dogs, hopefully all my February posts will be this good.
Have a wonderful evening!!!!!!


  1. I am Carleton (now Loki)'s new mom and we couldn't be happier with our boy. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Socializes well with dogs, kids and everyone in between.

    1. So happy you adopted him...he was deserving of a great home!!!!!