Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some things for today.......

I will have an update on Murray tomorrow, he will be going back to his vet in the morning and we will see how he is progressing. Let's hope for the best. We are a little over half way to our money goal for him.....if you can help please go to Husky Haven to donate.....Thanks.
So I have a couple of good things for today. Last week I posted on  Husky Haven's FaceBook about a puppy that had a day to live.
She is a tiny little thing only about 9 pounds....and some Husky. Our readers stepped up to the plate and she got a sponsor and a foster. We literally got her out of there just in time. Her name is Sassy now and she is sweet and playful. I should have some pictures of her soon!!!! Her foster is a great friend to the rescue, Charlene. Last week she sent me a collage of all the dogs they had fostered....I thought it was so great I decided to put it on my blog.
This was put together by her daughter, Sammy. She gave me her go a head this weekend to post it when they picked up Sassy. Sammy, I guess you have another dog to add to your collage. Thanks for fostering and thanks for the beautiful picture!!!!
Murray tomorrow!!
Have a great evening..........

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