Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A few updates......

Hope you enjoyed the Academy Awards, if you like that type of thing. Personally I fell asleep a half hour in, that's how I felt!!!
On to more important things. Murray will be going to the doc again tomorrow. Five week check-up. He is doing better but he has a pin in his leg that is painful for him, at least the location bothers him.

You can see that it is sticking out, I don't know if I ever talked about this , but he has at least five pins keeping his shoulder in place. The doc thinks she can take out this one without a problem , so he may be looking at another surgery tomorrow. So once again I am asking for help, of the monetary kind!!! Please go to Husky Haven and donate what you can for this new surgery. I thank you and so does Murray!!!!!
I wish him the best tomorrow!!!!
Want to say thanks also to our girls that spent the day at Pearland Junior High East last Friday. I have worked a few school events and they are really fun. You educate the kids about Huskies and bring your dogs for some love!!!
Great picture....thanks Donna, Kim, Cyndi...she organizes this, and Becky.
I know they all had a great time there and the kids really did!!!!!
Let you know what happens with Murray tomorrow.....
Have a great evening!!!!


  1. Hi Beth, thank you for the continued updates. I made a contribution today. Please keep up posted. Prayers for little Murray. Thank you for taking such good care of him

    1. Thank you girl...really appreciate it!!!

  2. Murray says thanks ---Pat

  3. Beth, how did Murray's appointment go?

    1. He has a bone infection....is on antibiotics till the 13th when he sees the Doc again. Still he seems to be doing well...hopefully he will have one of his pins removed next week....that one is causing him pain. New pics soon!!!!