Friday, December 2, 2016

Senior Saturday.......

November was Adopt-A-Senior pet month. With that thought we decided to get some of the senior kids out for an afternoon of fun with the public. Kaila gets to go a lot of places and Baci sometimes, but Bono almost never gets out. He has a few quirks so we decided that a small show would be a good place for his introduction. Let me tell you he had the time of his life, the girls did as well!! I've really been pushing lately to get some of the older dogs into's a hard sell. I know there have to be people out there that would love to have a senior for a few years....look how cute they are....
Baci is 11 but still has lots of energy!!! 
Bono, 7, having a great time with Bobby!!!
11 year old Kaila would just love to cuddle with you!!!
I'm hoping soon that we can get these kids in a wonderful homes!!!!
Have a great evening.......see you very soon!!!!

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