Sunday, December 4, 2016

Miss Sukari.....

I posted a month or so ago that we had gone to Bridgeland just before Halloween and Sukari was the highlight of the day. We had a bunch of people come back and look at her many times and I was absolutely positive that we would be flooded with applications to adopt her.
Who could resist that face?
And then, as it goes a lot in rescue, a week passed and no apps for any of the dogs at the show. I can tell you sometimes I get really down when we do so much work and I feel we aren't helping.
But, the next day an application did come in for Sukari and it was the family I hoped would adopt her. First time dog owners, and we all know Huskies can be a handful, but they really fell in love with her. They came out the next weekend with their son, who had a great time with Sukari, and decided she was the dog for them. I told them I could do the home check and bring her the next day. They asked me for a list of necessities for her and we were set up. I arrived with Sukari and the house was perfect....the fence had problems that could be fixed pretty easily....but I didn't know if I should leave her or not , but our director and I talked and decided as long as they fixed the fence we could make it work. They had everything set up for I was leaving they were getting ready for a walk but I got a pic before they took off......

So happy for her and Joshua has a new companion!!!
Love you little girl......have a wonderful life!!
Oh and they fixed the fence the next day.....
Have a great afternoon....


  1. I love that girl! She has the sweetest personality, just wanting to make everyone happy. I am so glad she found her furever home. Happy tails!

    1. So sad, of course, she's already coming back,,,,,