Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Christmas Dogs.....

So we had a couple of adoptions this week and I was going to post....but I figured I jinxed Sukari by you have to see my dogs instead!!!! When Lizzy got sick two years ago I stopped making the dogs wear any kind of Christmas stuff.....just didn't want to bug they didn't have to by default. In Faith's case she came to me around that time so she never had to partake. Sorry guys it's Christmas...and we are going to start that tradition again!!!!

TJ just decided that he would fall on the floor and ignore me.....I guess he has taken Lizzy's place as totally non-interested!!!(The collar was kind of small for him too!!)

Tank just looked at me...again Mom....if I have to I will give you the full Tanky charm!!!

And Faith....she actually stood like that looking at me for a full five minutes wondering what was coming soon as I took it off she ran to the other end of the room!!!
I think they look so cute....probably have to mix it up with some other they can hardly wait!!!
Miss you Miss Lizzy....know you are happy you don't have to deal with that anymore.....
Have a wonderful afternoon!!!


  1. claim to work in rescue and yet, you torture you own pups like this. For SHAME woman! The looks of horror on TJ and Faith are so pitiful. Only Tanky doesn't look completely mortified. He just looks...resigned. As if he knows to just be still and it will be over with sooner. Hahahaha, I'll bet this makes them look forward to a nail trim, doesn't it? Happy Christmas, Pups. Love to you all and to your mama. She adores you and can't help but dress you up and show you all off :)

    1. I do love them more than anything...don't know what I'd do without their silly faces everyday!!!