Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mr Kaskea.....

Last week when I posted I mentioned that we had a couple of great adoptions....but I didn't want to jinx them so I just didn't write about them. But right before Christmas I got a call from Kaskea's new family and they love him so much!!!
His journey to Dallas ( yes, the boy is up north) began about 2 months ago. Sandra and Harold had lost their sweet Husky a month or so before that and he was looking on HH website and saw Kaskea's picture and they made a decision that he was going to be their boy. He had to have a couple of tests run which delayed them picking him up.....but finally December 19th was the agreed upon date for them to drive to Houston. I had a couple of the girls, Michelle and Ally, come over on the 17th to help clean him up and get him into great shape. Kaskea is a wooly , which means he has a much fluffier, longer coat than a regular Husky.  So it was a bit more time consuming than usual.....but here's what he looked like when we were finished......
Pretty good looking!!!
Since he loves puddles we literally had to keep him crated and took him for walks to keep him clean till Monday....he hated us....but our hard work was not going to be trashed before he met his mom and dad....after that....well....
They drove down that Monday and it was an instant attraction.....they didn't bring their other dog because of the length of the drive , but since they'd had many Huskies we figured they knew the breed. He has since met his friend , Mya, and is having a great time in his new home.....

With his new mom and dad....

Getting ready for the long drive!!!
I got a note today that they had taken him to the vet and he is in perfect glad to hear that!!! He has a great new home....wish you the very best little boy. I am expecting pictures of him with Mya....when I get them I will update. 
More adoptions and fosters before the end of the year....other fun things too!!
Have a wonderful evening......


  1. I still get goosebumps over this one! I just didn't know if this boy was ever going to get his furever home and I couldn't understand it. He always got so many comments. This is exactly the kind of adoption that makes my heart full...the one that is so worth waiting for. Much love, you big hair ball! I couldn't be happier for you.

    1. He got tons of adoption apps.....but 99% had cats which he can't deal with. So glad he is in a great home!!!

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