Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some really good things...

So over the weekend we had a sweet lady, Robin , adopt one of our puppies. She called her Nanook, and now she is going to be a spoiled girl....she has all new toys,new bed, and a new life....we are so grateful!!!
Playing with my sis!!!
Playing with my siblings...I'm taking that Candy Cane!!!

And now the story of Hudson....he and another black and white Husky...that we named Lyric, were brought in about a year and a half ago. They were pretty much soul mates...stayed in the kennels next to each other....and definitely had a bond. A few months later Lyric was adopted by a wonderful family in Austin...and she still has a great home. Hudson stayed with us and missed his friend.
Love you Becky!!!
My best buddy Becky lost her sweet dog Huffy last April and was looking for a foster to help her through the transition... she picked Hudson. He is a big , great dog and I hope he helped her. Through the last year we have gotten some applications for Hudson , but nothing ever worked out...till today!!! We got an application that was perfect...a great girl, Vanda, adopted Hudson today!!! I know in many ways Becks will be sad...but she is ready to get her new foster. Hudson and I love you Becky and I hope Vanda loves Hudson as much as you did.

Thanks to my friend Cyndii for the new puppy pics.

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