Friday, March 30, 2012

A really great adoption......and a puppy update.....

Husky Haven had a wonderful and surprising adoption last night. One of our little girls.....she's been in the program for at least two years got a fantastic new home!!! Nellie is a mix, part Siberian and part....well we just aren't sure. She is such a sweet girl , and one of the dogs I call a universal playmate....we could literally put her out to play with any other dog and there would never be fights or hassles!!Husky Haven never really got applications for we just figured that she would stay with us forever. Then a woman from Oklahoma chose her last night and she is on her way to her new home. We wish Nellie the very best and are so happy she has found her forever home!!!!!!!!

So I have a few new puppie pictures....they turned 9 weeks old yesterday!!!! They are completely adorable....and so much fun to play with every day!!

Here's our cute little boy Willy!!!!

Super sweet girl Milly!!

Our big boy Billy!!!

Tiny little girl Lilly!!

And last but not least.......our sweet girl Silly!!!!

Mom is a pure Siberian....sure don't know what the other half is!!!!We still need to spay/neuter them....hoping to do that soon!!!If you could contribute to that please go to and donate for their care.....we appreciate any help you can give!!! Hope you enjoy the pics and once again, have a wonderful life Nellie!!!!!


  1. They are so adorabe!! I love Milly with her speckled nose.

  2. They are the sweetest....Milly is the calmest of the whole bunch...she will sit in your lap and not wriggle around...thanks!!!!!