Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting caught up a bit......

So things have been crazy lately...trying to catch up with posting. Next weekend we start working our rescue shows all over Houston....lots of work there and I'm trying to work on some fundraising projects...thank goodness I'm retired...Husky Haven is my non-paid full-time job!!!! Wanted to post some pics of Thelka taking her walk yesterday...she seems to be doing well...and we hope these are non-cancerous tumors like they were four years ago. Keeping thinking good thoughts for her and if you want to donate please go to, we can certainly use the donations for her medical bills.

Last Saturday was our monthly work day at the had been raining and cold that week and in the morning and I figured we might not have anyone show. I was wrong!!! We had five or six great workers come out and they really got a ton of stuff done that day....a huge thanks to all of them!!!! That afternoon we had a couple come over to look for a dog to replace one of theirs that had just gone to the Rainbow Bridge. They had chosen a couple of our younger girls to look at, but we decided to throw another girl into the mix. Because they had two older dogs....Miss Skye seemed like she might be a better fit. I took Skye out first....and it was love at first sight...not only with the humans but the other dogs too.
Looking for her new home!!!!!

Skye had been looked at three times this year....every other time someone was gone and she was still here.....not last weekend!!! They are fostering and plan to adopt as soon as they can.....Good luck my sweet girl!!!! We have also had some interest in our puppies and I will update you as soon as I know for sure. Please go to and check out our babies or make a donation if you can....all is appreciated. If you are in the Houston area come and see us next Saturday at San Jacinto mall or on April 14th at Pet Expo!!!!


  1. I am so happy for Miss Skye! I hope Thelka's tumors aren't serious.

  2. Thanks so much...Thelka is feeling better day by day and Skye's new Daddy called today to say how fantastic she is doing.