Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mr. Rudi

Rudi was one of our wonderful success stories. Last summer we got a call that a young Husky had been dumped in a school parking lot.....and subsequently hit by a car. Husky Haven went to check him out, luckily he was just tapped by the car....but we didn't know if he had broken bones or possibly head trauma. We took him with us and had him checked out. No broken bones....but definitely in major pain. For the next month he howled in pain when we put a harness on him to walk , and he had some major trust issues. I worked with him every day so he would trust me and play with me. At the end of two months we were playing hide and seek every day and he would come to me for petting and loving. I decided in August that I would take Rudi as a foster, he could get socialized with my three dogs and get used to living in a home.

Here he is with Lizzy...they look like Mom and son. He's the cutie on the left.  

Rudi was part of my family for about three months when an application came in that was perfect for him. A family needed a pal for the Husky that they had adopted from us a couple of years ago. Rob and Laura came to meet Rudi at my house and see if he could work out with Martina. They came in first and Rudi was a little scared, but he warmed up to them in no time...but the true test was coming. Martina walked in the backyard and Rudi was ecstatic, he found his new sis. They took Rudi that afternoon and he has had a fantastic home ever since. The most wonderful a foster, is having his new family send me pics so I can see how he's doing. Please enjoy the pics of Rudi with his new family...and thanks so much Rob and Laura!!!
Rudi at his new place

Rudi with new sis Martina
Rudi  checking out the baby chicks
Rudi helping Dad with the yard


  1. Yeah for Rudi. I just love happy endings. We had a new girl named Lucy come to our Saturday walk. She has had a happy ending story too.

    It makes your heart sore when other pups are as lucky as we are.


    1. Makes me so happy when we have a great success story..... love all the happy endings. thanks Bert

  2. Thanks and nice to meet you!!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Rudi is an awesome dog and a wonderful foster...and now he has the greatest home ever!!!!