Sunday, August 5, 2012

Busy week.......

Wow....another week gone many things going on this last week. Finally got Gunter to heartworm treatment....will be going to his new home soon. Have a couple of adoptions that happened in the last couple of weeks......Snow Girl was adopted the Sunday of Reliant.......she is such a sweet baby and I wish all the best for her in her new home!!!!
Denver....who was with us at Reliant, is going to his new home this weekend. Apparently the little dogs his new owners have didn't bother him at I wish that boy a wonderful life!!!!!
This last week we were working with some people in Louisiana , a six year old therapy dog had landed at animal control after a death in her owners family. She was promptly adopted, but not everyone in her new family had consented to the adoption........and she was about to go back to animal control. We got her pics posted on FB and a wonderful couple is going to adopt her today. I love it when things like that happen. This pic looks a little odd.....the family that just took her had her completely shaved.....never do that to your Husky!!!!!!!!!

I just found out that she is being adopted as I type this!!!!!!
So a bit about BLD.....we are still looking for his know the drill!!! He is supposed to be going to the doc this week to see if he's ready to have his apparatus taken off ...I know he's getting sick of it, so I hope this happens soon, paws crossed!!!!
Please tell me it's soon!!!!!!

Well , that's it for now.....but I got a ton more stuff to go......Later!!!!!!!


  1. Nice blog! I definitely will come back to read more. Keep up the awesome work :)

    1. Thanks so much....come by anytime!!!