Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bad news, good news.....

Alright, bad news first.....found out yesterday that BLD has not healed at all after his three months in his apparatus. Doc said that the bone was apparently dead and couldn't regenerate, he did spend a week in animal control before we got him. So, another operation tomorrow, take some of the bone from his elbow, make a new incision, take that bone and place it in the breaks and hope that it will regenerate.........I'm so depressed that this didn't work for my boy......and after $2000 in another operation, amputation may be the final way. You might ask why....we want to give that boy a chance and we have put in so much time and energy to make that happen. If you have something you could throw our way.....would really appreciate it. BLD still needs his name....go to our Paypal at www.huskyhaven.org....please help!!!!!

So good news....our boy Albus got fostered tonight!!! He is a young guy , doesn't have a lot of manners.....has never been in the house.....but one of our fantastic foster guys decided to give him a chance.....Thanks Ron....and hope Mr Albus is a good boy!!!
It's been a long day so all I can say is see you later.........


  1. Wanted to thank my best girl, Becks , for helping me with Gunter this week. I'm tired and forgot to put that on my blog....so thanks girl, he will be in his new home Sunday.

  2. BLD and TWISTER are home and resting. Both with nasty looking legs. Thanks Beth for going it alone this morning.. I could not pick up the dogs till after 6:30 and then had to come home, unload the car and get them comfortable and then take care of all the other dogs by myself tonight. It is 9:30 and I just finished the outdoor dogs. I am exausted!!