Monday, August 13, 2012

Gunter, Merlin and Jack........

Just wanted to post about a few dogs today.....will get you up to date on BLD tomorrow. Had a couple of boys leave yesterday for new homes!!!!! Gunter was staying in my home and in Becky's also. He had heartworm treatment about a week and a half ago......and he still needs to be kept calm. I figure it was better to go to his new other dogs than to stay in mine. Chris fell in love with him at Reliant and here he is finally picking up his boy......
So glad to be with my new buddy!!!!

Took a pic of his sweet daughter, Lexi....she wanted to meet Dad's new dog too......
Also going to a new family yesterday was Merlin.....he is a big red and white boy.....he spent the afternoon running around with their child......they were both having so much fun!!! I didn't have a chance to get a pic...they weren't going to pick him up till Tuesday.....but got a crate and came back to get him yesterday......
All I have is a pic from the website.....hopefully they will send me an updated picture. I wish both of these boys all my love and hope they have a happy life.
Jack is a boy we just got into the program. He was found wandering the subdivisions of Atascocita, when someone realized that he belonged to a family there. The dog was taken back , but the family was on vacation....they had left Jack and his running buddy, a white German Shepard, tied in the backyard with no food or water in sight!!!! A friend of ours took him in to her house and waited till the family came home. Apparently they really didn't want either one of them and they went to rescue. Our friend is still fostering Jack.....but we are looking for a foster/adoption.....she already has four dogs. He is crate trained , working on house training.....he was probably never let into the house!!! He is a sweet boy and needs a new home.....please check him out on
That's all for now.....BLD tomorrow , and not the greatest news....Later!!!!


  1. Hey it's Jet here. Hi Miss Beth.
    Sorry we had to meet you on our sad day, but we wanted to visit and thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

    We'll come back again when we feel better.

    1. Thanks so much....I hope you will come and see us again. Sorry about your baby.....