Monday, February 13, 2017

Catching Up a Bit......

It's been busy in my household for the last few weeks. lots of work, finally redoing my house and taking care of Mister Zane. We had a couple of fun adoptions and here we go with the first one!!!
Mr. Drifter was adopted a week or so ago. He was taken out of Harris County Shelter by a couple of our really wonderful fosters with our director's blessing. This was in January of last year and he stayed with the rescue for a couple of nights so he could get neutered. He was the most fearful dog I had ever been around.....I tried talking to him and everything else , but he would just growl when I came in to feed him. I wished Jon and Faith luck when they picked him up and didn't see him again for months. He came with us when we had our pics taken at HBU last summer and was a completely different dog.....still a little standoffish but nothing like earlier in the year. He was at our HBU event in October and was so much friendlier. I was happy to send the applications to his fosters...they really worked miracles on him. They finally found his perfect, other dogs and all!!!

Never thought he'd be in such a happy place....thanks to Jon and Faith for all their hard work. Now he has a family to grow up with!!! Have a great one pretty boy!!

More to come....
Have a great evening!!!

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  1. Jon and Faith really did work miracles with that beautiful boy! He was so sad and afraid, it was heartbreaking to see him cower and tremble in the kennel. When we saw him at HBU, it was like seeing a completely different dog. He was confident and engaging. Reserved a little, yes but, goodness he had just grown leaps and bounds! I am so happy he has found his family to love.