Thursday, January 19, 2017


So I went and picked up Zane today.....going to give him a couple of weeks at my house to feel better and get some meds in him. I really hate people that just decide they don't want their dog and give it to a friend rather than sending him back to the rescue, which is what their contract says. We don't know how long he was on the streets with whoever he was with, but we have to say thanks to the lady who ended up saving him. She saw him a couple of weeks ago with someone that looked pretty shady. One night he was on his own and she grabbed him and let us know. He's in tough shape....UTI, infections, heartworm +, major damage to his ears and eyes that probably could have been prevented....but now it's too late. I'm glad Denise could get him to the vet so he can get on the road to recovery. Of course, not everyone is so happy with this new wrinkle. I have Zane in my kitchen....which is baby gated off at both entrances. Tank managed to throw himself over the gate in the first five seconds....but it was ok. I wanted  Zane to be stressed as little as possible, but the other three are sleeping by those gates.....silly kids!!!

I've been in the kitchen most of the afternoon and this is what he's been doing.....looks pretty relaxed. Hoping we can find a good home for him in the next few weeks......
And to prove TJ is adverse to change.....his crate used to be in the kitchen......

right where he is the time he figures it out Zane will have moved to a new home!!!!
Have a great evening......


  1. Poor TJ.Maybe things will return to "normal" soon. Hopefully, we are on track for a home with a former adopter that is really anxious to give him a soft landing.

  2. And by "him" I mean Zane! TJ seems perfectly content where he is and I don't think anyone wants to fight you trying to get him out of your house, lol!

  3. Aww, I am glad Zane is safe,please keep us up on his progress, cheers~

    Nuk & Family