Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mr. Zane.....

So happily, Mr. Zane got a new home on Saturday. A friend of the rescue, Anthony, had found out about Zane through Denise and wanted to help him out. He had adopted Wayne and couple of years before when Denise was fostering him. I was happy to adopt Zane out to him but asked he be patient so I could get him through his month of antibiotics.....and spend some time monitoring him till he was doing better. He was finished with those meds last week and it was time for Zane to go to a forever home. Now Charlie/Wayne is a big guy and still a bit young, so I was hoping he could respect Zane and not get too crazy trying to play.They were great together. They had another dog at home but he said it wouldn't be a problem....ok.
Getting ready!!!!
On the way!!!

New home....another new friend!!!!
All of them are having a grand time....as I said Zane still needs some peace and quiet, but he's going to be ok. Thanks Anthony for giving a dog that has been through hell a wonderful spot to land!!!
Good luck Mr. Zane I know I will be getting plenty of photos!!
Have a great evening.....


  1. Anthony is such a wonderful daddy. I am so glad Zane has found a home with him. It was really great to see how sweet Charlie was with him. He always was a sweet and gentle boy, even if he is mischievious. Anthony's cousin, Mary, is such a tremendous help to him and so loving to the furkids, it's just a perfect set up for all the pups. You're in for a happy life, Zane. A much deserved, happy life, full of love ,treats, toys and being spoiled rotten! I love happy tails!