Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Texas Wolfdog Project

This last Saturday got to visit the Texas Wolfdog Project. I have been wanting to check it out, but my schedule is usually pretty crazy....so this was the first time I made time to make it happen. My friend Denise and I went....meeting with my friend Elsie to attend a presentation. I really just wanted to see what my friend, Austin, had put together. A couple of years back he bought the five acres that the TWP sits....he also lives there to take care of the wolfdogs personally.
When you drive in it's absolutely beautiful....so peaceful!!
As you can see the enclosures are huge and have usually 2 wolfdogs together.....they have a large covered area inside and lots of room to roam around. I actually did learn that there are high content and low content wolfdogs.....with the low content , of course, being closer to dogs. In fact many of the low content wolfdogs reminded me of Huskies or Mals.

These guys just wanted a ton of love!!!!

There were so many people on Saturday that they didn't want people just wandering.....I understand...and we really couldn't stay for a tour.....but I hope to go back soon and spend more time checking out the wolfdogs. If you are interested in more info go to Texas Wolfdog Project and check it out.
Have a great evening....
See you soon.....


  1. I love wolves, and I can howl like them.

  2. Beautiful dogs! Looks like great space to roam around. Thanks for the post!

  3. I had such a good time. The facility is fantastic and my fantasy for Husky Haven! The babies are simply beautiful and it's obvious the volunteers that work there know their personalities well. This is a great place, deserving of support.

    1. Wonderful place....so well taken care of!!!

  4. Very interesting post. Never knew this about wolfdogs.


    1. I didn't either....learned a lot that day!!!!