Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Birthday!!!

So today is my birthday.....not gonna say which one. Yesterday my girls, Barb and Becky, got me a beautiful gluten-free cake. Had some people over at the rescue so we had a little party....thank you girls and the rest of the volunteers!!!
The important birthday today is Miss Lizzy's. As in my last post I really wasn't expecting to reach this day with her. She is ten years old today!!! Of course I don't know if that's her real b-day , but she was born in February so close enough. Now my girl always gets some of the birthday she is waiting patiently for her slice of cake......
Well kind of patiently.....she was pretty bummed when she knew I was going to take a video....
And a picture of the aftermath.....
She loved the cake and I am so glad we are both together this birthday....many more!!!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you tweedles....hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

  2. lol...She's a mess! She's also a dang miracle and I'm so glad proving everybody wrong. She's a lucky little girl to have you as a mom.

    1. She is a mess....but she's my mess!!!!