Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rama and Sita.....

I was hinting at a big adoption in an earlier post.....and that happened yesterday!! We have had Rama and Sita since the beginning of the year. They were found together at a vet's office and they are the best of friends. We took care of them and always wanted them to go together, but that looked like it wasn't going to happen. We got applications for them....usually people with cats...and neither one of them likes there we were....until last week. An application came in from Garland Texas (around Dallas) for both the kids. When someone put on their app....I need two dogs, together we are a pack....we had to check it out. Luckily he had had two Huskies before so he knew what he was getting into. I called our director and said we had to talk to the guy , she had already contacted him!! He sent a video of his yard.....definitely Husky proof. He and his friend drove down yesterday and I've never seen someone so excited....he didn't look at any other dogs....just his. Our director let them out of the kennels and I was standing halfway between them...they ignored me and went right to him like they knew they were going home!!! Have to say that brought a few tears to my eyes....still does now. They packed them in the car and off they happy to see them stay together. I know that Ray will be a wonderful dad for those two!!!
Some kisses for dad!!!

Getting ready to go!!!
Chilling in their new home last night!!!
Thanks Ray for giving our babies a wonderful home.....
Have a great evening everyone......
See you soon!


  1. I also wanted to add that he had applied for two other bonded pairs of Huskies....but they both fell through. I guess third time really is a charm!!!

  2. I am going to miss those two! I love those dogs, they deserve this happiness.

    1. I'm going to miss them too....but so happy for them.