Sunday, August 23, 2015


It's been a long few weeks. I told you my Dad was having some health trouble.....and he decided after a couple of doc appointments that he won't have surgery. I get it , he's 89 and doesn't want to go through that. We were left with the problem of his dizziness and vertigo and finally convinced him to move to the first story of the house instead of negotiating  the stairs daily. That has been a real hassle, but this next weekend we will be finished. My brother and I did a lot of clean up along the much stuff. Just glad it's done so we can move on to other things. I think Dad is happy too!!!
This was our project was raining why not.....

We put together a new desk for him.....his one upstairs weighs about a will get dismantled and recycled.
My dogs are doing great.....Lizzy kind of freaks me out.....I know she is really sick.....but I don't know.
Have a great Sunday back soon!!!!!


  1. I can understand your dad not wanting to have a surgery at that age. My mom is the same way - she will be 90 in Oct. She recently had a scare, but in the end just needed a little roto-rootering of her arteries so no surgery needed! She still lives on her own - sounds like your dad does as well. It's good you could convince him to live on the first floor!

    Sending good thoughts for you and the pups (and your dad)!

    1. Thanks so much. You also know how hard it can be. I am just so glad he is at least moving down......will make things much easier for all of us!!!!