Monday, December 15, 2014

Been a while.....

Hope you are having a great holiday season......we are doing pretty well here!!! Lizzy is the same , which is good and everyone else is doing well. I've been busy with the online fundraiser for the rescue.....this was one of my projects!!!!

I baked more that 500 dog biscuits......that was a full day project!!!!
Wanted to talk about a few adoptions.....I'm getting very let's catch up.....
A couple of months ago a young man came up to us at a show and was very interested in getting a Husky. We asked if he'd ever had a dog, he hadn't , so we suggested Gunter. Gunter is very laid back and sweet....perfect for the first time owner. He took us up on our suggestion and now Gunter has a wonderful home!!!
Yi and his best buddy, Gunter
Blast had been with us for a few years.....he just never got much interest. He is such a sweet boy too!! A month or so ago we met a couple at the same show we met Yi and they came the next week for our work day......they also had a hidden motive.....they wanted to check out a bunch of dogs and see which one was going to go home with them. They took a few of the dogs for a walk and decided on Blast.....I was so happy!!!
Blast with Christina and Ryan!!!!
His name is Harvey now and they just love glad for him.....there truly is a family out there for all of our dogs!!!
The last one today will be Liesha. Liesha was a girl that came to us covered in mange. We worked with her and finally got her pretty cleared up, we knew that if she could get a home that she would probably clear up completely. We had a great family with their dog Hunter come by and they got along great. They didn't even bother to see any other girls.So finally our girl has her own home. They tell me that the two are inseparable!!
Liesha/Sasha with Hunter and her new Mom and Dad!!!
We've had plenty more adoptions....but I'll save those for later. I opted not to put up my tree this year....didn't want to disturb Miss Lizzy....she has a huge crate in the living room that takes up a lot of space and I don't want to move her.....she sleeps there all the time.....not quite as bright as it usually is.....but I'm just glad she is still around!!!!
Have a wonderful evening.......


  1. Glad things with Miss Lizzy are OK and she is still with you and great news about the adoptions. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks Molly.....I'm thrilled Lizzy is still around and doing pretty well.....and really happy about getting out kids to new homes for the holidays!!! Have a fantastic day!!!

  2. It makes us happy that Lizzy is doing so good.
    You made that many doggy cookies!

    1. Thanks tweedles...we are happy Lizzy is doing so well!!! Those dog cookies took twelve hours to make and I had to fight my dogs off them all day!!!!

  3. Impressive baking skills! Glad Lizzy is doing well; congrats on the adoptions. :)

    1. Thanks on all.....baked that with only one oven!!!