Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hope you Had a Merry Christmas!!!!!

I hope you are having an enjoyable holiday season. We had or usual Christmas Eve Dad, my brother and my son. it was a nice quiet affair.....I made a great dinner and the guys enjoyed it.
My son Ian and brother Mike at dinner!!!

The boys 2014
The boys 2012
I had to add that last pic so you could see the difference in my son from two years ago....he's lost a lot of weight and looks great.....really proud of him for that!!!
Ian and I exchanged gifts Christmas Day.....we all got good stuff....including the dogs.
Had to include some pics of my dogs from yesterday......TJ decided he'd rather be outside than having his picture taken....oh well!!
Lizzy with her blanket all bunched up like a pillow!!!

Faith my constant companion!!!

I had just straightened that up....thanks, Tanky!!!

More Husky Haven coming soon , but wanted to post some family stuff for the holidays....
Have a wonderful afternoon.....go Texans....
See you soon....


  1. Lol....Tank looks so angelic! I love that face! I'm glad y'all had a good Christmas. May the new year bring you joy and prosperity!


    1. He always looks that way...that's how he gets away with so much!! I hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you the same for the new year!!!!

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  3. Everyone looks so happy. Have a wonderful New Years!