Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Adoptions and stuff.....

I have been lax with my adoption much time goes into Lizzy I have a hard time catching up!!! Well let me do that.....these adoptions were in August and September!!
If you read my blog you know that we were always taking Daddy-O and Wayne to every adoption event we could thing of!!! We started going to a dog food place named Kriser's in August and found a place for one of our dogs first time there!! A couple came by and saw Daddy-O and fell in love immediately. They had two little dogs , so Denise, who was fostering at the time , set up a meet and greet to see if Daddy-O was going to have any problems. He never showed aggression towards small dogs and he had no problem with their's. Within two weeks Daddy-O had a fabulous new home with two little ones and Bruce and Orlando. I was so happy....he had gotten passed over so many times....and he was getting older....
As you can see, Bruce found a great companion!!!!
Wayne was always at shows too.....everyone loved him....but he is such a big boy with high energy.....someone was going to have to run with this boy everyday. We got an application and Denise, who was fostering him at the time (yes, I think all dogs go through her these days!!!!), decided the app was a good one and contacted them. They came to see Wayne and checked out a few other Huskies too, but Wayne was their boy. They secured the fence, made sure the house was ready and brought home a very happy Wayne. He even has a daily jogging partner!!!!
Anthony and Joseph have a friend for life!!!!
And finally tonight , Deacon. Deacon was the young boy taken by Michelle....she took him right from animal control to surgery to fix his broken pelvis. Not going to say much but they figured someone kicked him. She nursed him back to health and we got a great application for him. The couple had another young dog and young child.....but we figured the kid had already dealt with a dog...what's another. The dogs got along great , their son loved Deacon , and another adoption was done. Deacon now has a huge backyard to run around with his friend  Kodah!!!
Deacon after surgery....

Trying to get a shot of the family!!!!

Right after we left, of course!!!!

A few more things......had to use this shot....
Some of our volunteers take the cleaning chores so literally!!!!
Lizzy is stable.....that's about all I can say. She is having a harder time getting up when she is on the slick tile floors......
Have a great evening........


  1. Love that these babies found such fabulous homes! Good job everyone!

    1. Thanks Becks.....Yi will be in my next post!!!!

  2. Sending love and healing thoughts.

  3. Nice one and we are thinking of you. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks Molly...we can use all those good thoughts.

  4. Great news that they found forever homes! Yay for them!!!

    1. That's what I happy!!!