Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vintage Park.....Part Two...

So we had an opportunity to go to Vintage park again this last Sunday with our friends In the name of Zoey Rescue. I was down one Husky from the week before....but I had two coming, that was okay. At the last minute my other volunteer had to cancel for work, so I started looking around to see who I could bring. All the dogs at our directors were blowing coat really badly so I decided to call some of our local fosters to see if anyone could get another dog there. I figured the first one to call back would be the one. My friend Jim called and said he'd bring Kaylyn. Kaylyn had been with him for about a month and a half and I figured she was probably looking pretty good by now. To refresh your memory....here's what she looked like late last year.....skinny and sick....

Here she was the night Jim picked her up......
Here's what she looked like on Sunday......

Giving Wayne a kiss....I think
She is so pretty now and finally filling out....it was so wonderful to see her looking so great!!!! As we were walking to show her off Jim said he was doing this a courtesy to me.....he was planning to adopt her this week!!! Another failed foster!!! She will have a wonderful home with him and his wife and their other two Huskies. Wishing that little girl the very best!!!!
I also want to say thanks to Angelica and Jorge from In the Name of Zoey for bringing Ulla and Harvey out again.
Have a wonderful evening.....if you're in Houston, stay dry......


  1. Lovely to see Kylyn and she looks so happy and well. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks Molly....she is such a pretty girl...so glad she is in a wonderful home!!!!

  2. Such a treat to see Kaylyn looking so lovely and happy!

  3. OMG! She is beautiful! So glad she found a forever home!