Saturday, February 22, 2014

Two for one......

Been a super busy week.....haven't been catching up with my blog like I should. We had two events this last week and you get both today!!
Last Sunday we had a small event at a Natural Pawz. We were there with another rescuer and her group, In the Name of Zoey. We had a great time and the weather was great.....not a lot of traffic, but hopefully at least one dog will get a new home. It's better with pics.....
Wayne having a terrible time!!!!!

Sweet baby Gunter.

Ulla and Harvey from In the Name of Zoey

Wayne and Silver....a major bromance!!!

Silver and Wayne...

Wayne taking a rest.

Ulla and Miley

Harvey steals the show!!!

Gunter...he wouldn't let me get a better pic of him, always turning his head!!!!

Miley and Ulla....
On Friday a couple of the girls went to Pearland Jr High and took their dogs with them. We do an event every year with the malamute group and talk about the differences and similarities of Mals and Huskies. The best part is when they get to spend time being loved on by the students. Becky brought Gunter.....he had double duty this week, and Denise brought Iniki. You can't tell from the pics but Iniki is a tripod. She has no issue with that!!!!!
Gunter waiting for the next pet!!!

Iniki coming in for hers

What a life....


Gunter taking a break....
I appreciate all the hard working volunteers that take their time to man these are the best!!!!!
I have a ton of stories....
Will be back soon....hopefully tomorrow...
Have a wonderful afternoon!!!!


  1. We love seeing all these beautys! And we can tell they are all very loving!

    1. Thanks tweedles....have a wonderful evening!!!!

  2. Glad both events went well. Have a serene Sunday and get in some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly