Tuesday, November 26, 2013


OMG....it's so cold here. All you guys in the north will say I'm a wimp....and you're right!! I live in Houston cause of the warm weather....when it's 38, 30 mile an hour winds and raining I'm pretty unhappy!! Because of the weather I've been pretty busy helping as many dogs as I can. But let's get into some good stuff....
So....our girl Kalyn has a foster. She is the one that is so skinny and turned out to have mange, but she has a foster that will take care of her......
They will hopefully nurse her back to health and we can get her a great forever home!!! I know she had a few people out of state willing to foster but I know our director wanted her to stay close in case there were problems.
We had someone take a pup with parvo.....sometimes a death sentence...they got him a new foster home also....
I wish the best...he's still not out of the woods.....
I have a few things to say since it's the holiday season. Please , while you are spending Thanksgiving with your loved ones , please think about the animals out there that have no one to care for them. Just a day , a few minutes make all the difference. Go to your local shelter or rescue and help. The animals need you!!!
One last thing....I give thanks for Pat and all Husky Haven volunteers, Becky, who not only took me on the greatest vacation but helps with so many rescues, Angelica....I was her petsitter and she and I have helped with so many dogs, who knew......and Greg, my best friend, we worked with dogs at the same kennel for two years and never met.......he has done so much. Remember this is the season for giving.....
Have a wonderful evening......


  1. I am so glad these babies are safe! What is the little boy's name? They are both beautiful and (now) lucky.

    Beth, I hope you know that you are on the list of people that others are grateful for. I know you work hard to give so much to all the animals that cross your path. You have such a big heart and I know that I am certainly fortunate to have had you come into my life.

    1. DANG IT! I did it again :-)


    2. Thanks girl...Oh well , another comment!!!

  2. The little white Parvo pups name is Nemo. He will be with THR now.

  3. Good luck to Kalyn and we hope the puppy pulls through. Stay warm. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly