Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some things for a Sunday....

So before I have to start packaging stuff for my EBay sales (a bunch of the money goes to rescue) I thought I'd catch up on a few things!!
First, beautiful boy Elfie went to a foster family!!! He had been adopted at the beginning of the year and was brought back....I guess the guy just traveled too much....and I'll leave it at that. He was not happy about being back at the rescue....but I think he's happy now being with a new family.
I hope he has a great time and who knows!!
Here's a picture I took of Iniki a couple of weeks back....

Our little three legged girl looks so much better than she did back in March.....
Denise and Ron have been taking great care of her!!
This pretty girl was rescued from Animal Control a few days ago....
Beautiful , isn't she!! Well until you see the rest.
Her back haunches have no fur on them , just bone protruding....
She is also still lactating....we can't even have her spay/neutered until she drys up. Tomorrow we'll test for heartworm...with our luck she'll probably be positive!!! And she only weighs about 25 pounds....I can pick her up with one arm. She has a way to go before she will be ready to find a family.
You know we got 9 puppies back at the beginning of May, mom was part Siberian....but puppies look all lab. We've gotten two adopted (that will be one of my next stories) but we are having a hard time getting them adopted. Our director has two at her house, Friday I decided to take some new pictures. I called them to me , told them I was going to take their pictures and they stood and looked right at Husky I know would do that!!!!


They are both really sweet, house and crate trained.....if you know anyone that loves lab puppies go to our website Husky Haven and take a look.
One last pic for today. Precious Lottie having a nap with her tongue sticking out.....
Have a great Sunday everyone......


  1. Wow, that new girl looks so much like Iniki did when we first got her!
    Iniki is doing really well. She is such a talker and the happiest dog you've ever seen.


    1. I know she does....she is quite the talker too!!!

  2. Brady and Killeen are such good looking dogs, I hope they get adopted soon. Incredibly sweet faces.

    1. They are sweet....I hope they find a home soon too!!!

  3. We always hope they find their forever homes. Good luck with EBay.
    Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks have a wonderful Sunday evening too!!!

  4. The new girls name is Kalyn. She is so sweet. Today I had her on the couch on my lap looking for fleas, ticks scabby places and bare spots. I just turned her over every which way like a dead dog and she loved every minute of it. I have wormed her 3 times and given flea meds and Benedryl for her itching. She probably has mange. The skin scraping at the Vet tomorrow will determine which kind and treatment. Also heartworm test. Also geting some meds to help dry her up soon. I have been feeding her three small meals a day to help her get back to a normal weight. She is soooo skinny. If anyone has an extra DOLLAR to spare she could use some donations!! Pat

    1. We really do need donations for her....please go to the Husky Haven website to help!!!

  5. Can't wait to meet this pretty baby.


  6. Hope they get their well deserved furever homes soon!
    Have a great week!


    1. Me too!!! You also have a great week....Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. I am saying doggy prayers that they find forever homes to love them forever and ever! Thank you for visiting me.