Tuesday, October 29, 2013


So Saturday was one of my favorite shows.....Bridgeland. It's a neighborhood show that's gotten bigger every year.....but still has that very casual feel. It's just six hours long and only about twenty minutes from my house.....so really fun for me. This year we we got there and it was already pushing 80, last year it was in the 30's and windy....crazy Houston weather. Pacer told me this morning to feature a lot of pics of him, it was his very first show!!! So here we go!!!!

Setting up
Pacer loving his first show!!!

Mr. Pacer

Pacer getting a belly rub!!!!

Beautiful Gunter....he always loves the shows!!!

The boys.......

The boys were really enjoying themselves.....there are never enough belly rubs or kids coming to hang around with them!!!!
I always have to include a few fun pics of other dogs we saw that day....
This is Rocky, a big beautiful Great Dane. He decided he wanted to be an honorary Husky , so he walked right into the booth and sat down right by Donna!!!!

This is Cleo, she was all dressed up in her Halloween finery!!!

I didn't get these dogs names, but I absolutely loved their costumes!!!

My friends brought their puppy, Othello, he is getting vetted and will be up for adoption soon.
So as Pacer asked, he gets one last picture......
A really tough day for him.......
I have to thank Cyndii, her back was killing her but she hung in there all day. Thanks to Donna and Becks for bringing Pacer and Gunter.....I know Pacer was doing zoomies all the way there in Donna's car....I hope he slept on the way home. I want to thank the organizers of the show, they always do a great job!!
Tomorrow some adoptions, so thrilled for the dogs in new homes.
Have a great evening......


  1. Great pictures! Pacer and Gunter had such a good time. I hope they stole someone's heart and get adopted into wonderful homes soon. Rocky was such a goofball....he came in and wedged himself in between the Huskies! Hope he finds a deserving home too. This was a great event....they do such a god job.


    1. It was a ton of fun.....the boys had such a great time and they were perfect!!!!

  2. Looks like the boys had a great time! I love the shots of all the dogs in costume.
    When a Great Dane wants to sit in the middle of your camp, how do you tell him "no"? I think you just smile and say "WELCOME"! That was adorable.
    Something about Othello touched my heart. I think is that face of gratitude for the second chance that so many rescues have.
    Good job, everyone!


    1. That Great Dane was hysterical....couldn't believe he just came in and sat down!!! Donna was surprised! Loved the costumes....people put a lot of work into those. Othello is as sweet as he can be ....I hope when he finally gets completely vetted he finds a wonderful home!!!

  3. I forgot about Othello! I hope he finds a wonderful home too!


  4. Thanks for the update on all the dogs. Pacer was still going strong when he got home. He went out to play with his group. Thanks Donna for coming to get him and taking him to the show. He told me he had a great time and wanted to go again!! Pat

  5. Looks like you all had a good time and lovely weather for it. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly