Thursday, October 17, 2013

Awesome Adventures.....Part 2

I figured I should write the second part of our awesome adventures before I go back to writing a lot of Husky Haven stuff!!!!
So we went to a fabulous breakfast in our horse drawn carriage.....the food was great as well as the view. I don't have any pics (none came out well) but there were tons of loggerhead turtles. These guys are very old and about 4 to 5 feet long....a very impressive site. We had to walk back, no Belle, but it was a beautiful day and we decided to check out the property.
Here was a gator I named Alex sunning's hard to tell actually because they look like they are dead, you can't see them breathing. We checked out the herb garden, there had been a wedding there the night before and there were still tons of rose pedals strewn across the grass. We went and bought a bunch of boxes of six dollar crackers at the gift shop, I mean Jack and the raccoons needed to eat that day.So then we went to the swimming lake to check it out before we changed and this is what we saw......

Yes, that's a baby alligator swimming in the lake we were going to swim in. Kelly was swimming pretty close to shore but we figured if there were enough people he might just take off, and hopefully not bring his whole family before we returned. So we changed and he was still there when we came back. He backed off a bit when I went in , but when he started swimming towards me it was time to hit the shore. I think he was just curious, but I didn't want him that close to me. After an hour or so a bunch of people came and used the slides and Kelly finally decided he'd had enough. Actually the fish in the water would nip at you if you didn't move , so that was an odd feeling!!! We spent the whole day there and the weather was perfect. Of course I didn't put on enough sunscreen so I got a bit of a burn on my shoulders.....oh well!!! When we finally had enough, we decided to go back to the cabin, clean up, and make our dinner. I did take a tour of the place on a bike before cleaning up, it was nice to ride a bike again!!!
So Becky was cooking some spaghetti with meat when we saw some feral of course she made some meat for them. As we were eating we set out some meat for the cats, crackers and fruit for the raccoons and were feeding Jack and some turtles the rest of the bread and some of the crackers....we looked at each other and started laughing, we take care of the animals no matter where we are!!! That night the raccoons came very late, we wondered if they were coming at all.

Of course they did. They ate crackers and the left over spaghetti....but didn't touch the fruit or tomato we left. It was late so we went to bed. In the morning I walked out and the tomato was gone and they ate the fruit but left perfect little pieces of rind......guess they don't like that either!!!! I was having some coffee and was greeted by this.....(sorry the pic is so blurred)
Yes, one last raccoon coming to see if he could pick up a scrap or two. I gave him most of our leftover crackers.....keeping a few for Jack, and he was certainly happy!!! He also was very bold, Becky had a tied up mat on the deck and he decided that might be good enough to eat!!! He grabbed the tie and pulled it off the deck , I had to run and take it from him!!I guess the crackers weren't good enough!!! It started to get rainy, and we had to go I took a few last shots.

Then we were off.....we left just before it started pouring. Goodbye Jack and all our other critters I will miss you. Becky told me that once you are there you will want to go again......she was right. The best , most relaxing weekend ever. Thank you so much girl.....I feel better after being there!!!!
Next post.....adoptions!!!!
Have a great day.


  1. Wow sounds like not only you had a great time but all the critters around you did too. Nice one. Not sure about the gators....think I'd be nowhere near them. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. We had a great vacation ever....I was a little leery of the gators!!!!!

  2. I can just see you starting an alligator rescue. I hope you keep in mind that you CANNOT foster a gator! I am so glad you had a good time and
    even happier you didn't bring back any critters :-)


    1. No gators...but there were some pretty feral cats!!!!

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