Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Busy Weekend......

So we had a very busy weekend around here. Friday we went to pay our respects to Mom, we had planned on going the weekend before, but the rain kept us away. My Dad is 87 and I was ill prepared if he slipped in the rain. Always makes me sad to be there.......
Saturday my good friend Lauren put together a jewelry show, I was invited to show and sell my work. We didn't make much money.....but we had a great time. It was located in a very nice Vietnamese restaurant , their tofu sandwiches looked great , I'll be back!!! Just wanted to show a few pictures of our work.
Lauren with her work

My work on display
Sunday my friend Denise and I decided to go to PetFest. This year it was under new management.....and you could tell. There were hardly any rescues and few vendors. Shelley, the woman that ran it for twelve years, would have that place packed with vendors and rescues.....this time there were huge stretches of street that had nothing on them. I know it was poor communication, I didn't know about it till a few weeks before. It did give me an opportunity to bring Miss Lizzy to a show, in the six years I've had her I am always working and bring adoptable dogs. She and Denise's foster Captain Jack had a blast!!! I also wanted to go to see my foster from last year, Lottie , and her family. It was great to see her , and all of them again, she is finally heartworm negative and doing well. I'm always so glad when they remember me, at least that's what I want to think!!!! She was one of my very favorite girls....so glad we got the perfect family for her!!!!
Lizzy and Jack

Captain Jack chillin' out

Me with Miss Lottie!!

Lizzy and Lottie, Dixie and Bo in the corner

Pretty Lottie

Lizzy playing with Bo

Best Friends Furever...please visit them they have a ton of wonderful animals looking for homes.  

These two babies were dumped in someones driveway......I wonder about people!!!!
I wanted to mention that my friend Austin was there with his new rescue Texas Wolfdog Project. He has just started this and his website. We got to meet a couple of friends!!!

Nova and Timber
They were so sweet!!!!!
All and all a fun weekend.....and the Texans didn't get killed!!!!
One last pic......

Jack and Lizzy half asleep in the car on the way home........good times!!!
Have a great evening.....


  1. Glad you had a great time even if you didn't sell much. Such a pity about the pet event. Let's hope they get their act together next year and learn by this years' mistakes.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

    Best wishes Molly

    1. We had a good weekend anyway...always good when you can hang out with friends!!!!

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