Sunday, November 11, 2012


I was going to push myself to post more often....and it's been a week since I have. So much for resolve!!! Since my Texans don't play till tonight, now is a very good time to post. I started my new pet sitting business last week and have already booked a ton of jobs.....pretty happy about that!! But back to the dogs....I have pics of some of the dogs that have gone to foster homes and some updates. First is Carleton.....he's been in foster a few times, but always comes back....don't know why, he's a real sweetie!!! Last week he finally found a foster that really loves him......maybe this time it will become a permanent situation!!!! Here he is with his new friend relaxing.......

I also wanted to mention Jack again. He is the beautiful white Husky that I featured at Pet Fest. He is still available....he was taken off our website....he did have an adoption pending....but that fell through. He's still looking for a forever home.....we will be relisting him, but if you are interested.....please contact me.
I have to post this pic of my girl Mallory/Meeshka in her Halloween costume. Her new mom and dad are taking her to New Orleans over Thanksgiving......she is such a spoiled girl now!!!!!!
The angel costume is so appropriate......she was an angel when I fostered her and I know she brings a ton of joy to her new family. Love you little girl!!!
As you know , I'm partial to my Huskies and to Husky Haven but I also want to see every dog get a great home. I spend a couple of days a week at a kennel where we have a few of our dogs, when I'm there I also play with and give treats to dogs from another rescue. Best Friends FurEver is the rescue and I would like to give their dogs a chance too by featuring a baby of theirs every week or so.........first up is my buddy Lucas.

Lucas is a young Red Heeler, and one of the nicest guys around. He loves to run around in the play area with me......and is so graetful for the treats I bring. The day that I took these shots, he was the fourth dog I had taken out and the other three would never pay attention to me when I tried to take their know, like dogs!!!! When I called to Lucas, he turned around and gave me a big smile. Who could resist that beautiful face!!! He'd be the perfect addition to any family. If you are interested, please go to Best Friends FurEver to foster or adopt!!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday..........

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