Friday, November 30, 2012

So...ten months ago.....

I wanted to post earlier in the week....but was waiting for some pics to come in. Those never materialized so I'm going to go with what I've got. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know about our puppies, if not, here's a very brief story. January 26th Husky Haven was called to animal control to look at a Husky.She was in isolation when we arrived, having puppies. Since she was an owner turn in that day, Mom and all six puppies would have been euthanized that night. We rescued all seven of them all of them have great homes, including Mom. I was hoping to have a current picture from all six homes where our puppies are now, but we'll have to settle for four.
Billy at four to six weeks.

Billy now!!!!

Willy at four to six weeks.

Willy now!!!
Silly then!!

Silly now!!!
Tilly then!!!!

Nanook now!!!!
Our babies are all grown up!!!! I really enjoyed the few months I got to play with them everyday....they sure were a lot of fun!!!!!
I'm showing a couple of pics of the jewelry I am making for Christmas....this will be on my Etsy tomorrow. All my bracelets are twenty dollars and earrings are ten. I use sterling silver, pewter and crystals and lampwork beads. I give 25% back to the rescue.....if you like them, please purchase one for you or a loved one.......trying to make as much money as I can for rescue this Christmas.

One more thing today.....I need to post a baby from the other rescue I spend a lot of time with Best Friends FurEver. We have some dogs up at a kennel, they have a lot of dogs there.I figure since I'm there anyway I might as well play with them , too!!!! So today's dog is Spencer. He's a wonderful Pit, so fun and loving.....he would really like to come home with you!!!!!

Come on.....look at that face!!! He's about two and up to date on all shots. I always encourage everyone to adopt from Husky Haven , but maybe you want a different breed of dog. Please consider Best Friends FurEver if you do.
Hoped you enjoyed puppy pics.......have a wonderful day!!!!!


  1. That is awesome! All of it! Looking back is so fun!

    1. I know...they are not puppies anymore....but they are some great looking dogs!!!!