Sunday, September 23, 2012

BLD and some other news.......

BLD is feeling pretty good lately....he is really getting around in his cast.....I think that will change when the cast is off and we have to rehab that leg!!!! All of us will enjoy it while we can.

Our friend Cheryl sent him that toy you see above, it's a stuffed chicken and he loves that thing. As you can see he's either throwing it up in the air and catching it....or covering it with his cast so no one else can get to it!!!  Thanks Cheryl....our boy knows that it's his and he's taking care of it!!!!

Below is a picture I took of BLD this morning........
he's looking a bit pensive......all of us are today. Our director will have to make a decision she made not so long ago, remember Tex, his mate for life, Nyla, is slipping. Tex and Nyla , champion Shiba Inu's have been around for a long time. Tex left us in July and I'm afraid Nyla will be very soon. She is resting right now with fluids and pain meds.......but at sixteen not much can be done. Send a good thought to Nyla and our director today............


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    1. Thanks.....I'll let you know tomorrow.....

  2. BLD looks great, hopefully Nyla is feeling better.

  3. Pawesome blog!

    We are sending well wishes to Nyla.


    1. So nice to meet you ....will update when I have any information...Thanks!!!