Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Bunch of Stuff........

So BLD went to the vet this afternoon.....I won't know till tomorrow how that turned out.....keep paws and fingers crossed!!!!
I hope this thing comes off soon!!!!!
Had a flurry of adoptions and fosters in the last few days .....which is really great!!!! I wanted to show you a pic of Merlin.....he came by with his family this weekend...I didn't get a chance to catch him last time!!!
He's such a handsome boy and they really love him!!!! Have fun sweet boy!!!!
We had three dogs go into foster care over the weekend......Tamara, Gyla and Kurstyn!!! That was pretty exciting!!!!
Tamara and her new foster mom!!!

Gyla at her new place!!!!

Pretty Kurstyn!!!
I'm so happy for all these's so good for them to be in a home....and one on one attention......have a great time my lovely little girls!!!!
One more adoption.....Missy. She got adopted mid week, but they came back to Saturday to get her cleaned up and learn more about Huskies...they are first time dog owners!!! They really love her , and the kids think she's great!!!
I'm cleaned up and ready to go!!!!!
Would like to have more weeks like this......sure like to see the kids go to wonderful families. I want to say thanks again to Ronni for her guest post, please read it if you haven't already.I'll be posting tomorrow when I find out about BLD....keep good thoughts!!!!! Later.......


  1. We sure hope all vet news is good

    urban hounds

    1. Hopefully good news to come soon!!!!!Thanks