Thursday, December 20, 2018

Mr. Volga

Wow, haven't been here in many months....who knew being the executor of my father's will was going to take so long to finish up and all the paperwork it entails. That is finally over thank goodness.
I've been meaning to talk about Volga for a long time. When our director got ill we worked very hard in 2017 to get the Huskies that were there good homes. At the beginning of the year only two were left...Volga and Cherokee. My friend Barb had lost her sweet girl Janie and she took Cherokee. I always promised Volga I would take him if no one adopted him and he is with me now. Here's a bit about him.

Volga came to Husky Haven via animal control many years ago and when we took him he was already an older dog. As soon as he was out of animal control, which is horrible, he was taken to a kennel we used to use....just as bad. Someone saw him on the website and wanted to meet him so one of our volunteers met them there. The first thing the potential adopter did was pull his tail as hard as she could. In reaction he bit the volunteer. I was at Husky Haven that day and our director came in and explained what had happened and that she was probably going to put Volga down. She also said that the people looking at Volga would be coming by....I called and stopped that!! I swore at that time , no matter how long it was, Volga would come with me. The lady who pulled his tail should have been the one to suffer!!!!! Volga came to the rescue after that and truly he did have problems with some people , especially men. He got a lot of offers for adoption but usually meeting the male of the family he would go crazy. And so it went for years until February of this year.
I had left Cherokee and Volga together.....even though they weren't friendly at least there was another dog in the area for company. When Barb called me up and said she was taking Cherokee, it was Volga's time to leave too....

Me teasing him as we were leaving.....

He really wanted to move on.....
His happy car ride home!!!
So mister has been with me for ten months. He's usually not around too many men....but loves my son,  which is a good thing!!!

So much more I want to say about Volga but will do that in a future post.
Have a wonderful day......

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