Tuesday, July 17, 2018

And....I'm Back.....

I know I have been missing for the better part of this year. I am doing what tons of you guys are doing......becoming the full time caretaker for your very aging parent. Just when you think you have one thing handled...now we have to go to three new specialists!! Who knew there was a doc for every body part and more!! To tell you the truth, so many days and weeks it just sucks the life out of you. I decided yesterday that I need to go back to what I like to do....my blog, working on some books...so here I am.
I don't have much time to write tonight....typical...but I need to introduce you to my new, old dog Volga. There are many stories to tell about that boy!!!

I will be telling his history very soon....
Missed being here....
Have a wonderful evening!!!


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    1. Thanks so much...happy to be in this space again!!!

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    1. Thank you Donna....hope you are doing well!!

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