Sunday, February 11, 2018

Two Months.....

This is the first time since the very first of December that I've had time to sit down at my computer for any reason. It's not like me to just walk away from this blog, social media...and just about everything else, including favorite time of year, but there it is. I have literally spent every waking moment since December taking care of my dad.....
Start of December dad collapsed and was taken to the hospital and put in ICU with internal bleeding. A few days in he invoked his DNR....but a few day later revoked it and had some minor procedures to patch him up...only alternative was major surgery and he refused that. We brought him back to his apartment in hospice care , not really knowing what would happen. For the next few weeks I was there 15 hours a day, really exhausting, until he had an epiphany and decided he wanted to go to rehab. We got him there right before Christmas and he started working on walking..... something he hadn't done in weeks. After two weeks he had to leave, Medicare only pays for so much, and because he really couldn't walk well we had to move him from his place to assisted living...another major move in less than two years. That's where he is now and I'm starting to get him more physical therapy and we shall see what transpires.
It's a very daunting task when I am responsible for just about everything in his life. It not only wore me down but my dogs hated me for the last few months.

TJ was the most upset. Starting in September we were taking 3 to 5 mile walks 5 days a week....that came to an abrupt halt in December and really just started again a week or so ago. Some days I was literally just home long enough to let the dogs out and then feed them. He has a much better attitude now and I feel better too!!

Tanky and Faith were a bit better about rolling with the punches....although they missed their daily one mile.
We are finally getting back on track...really don't know what the future holds for my dad....but we shall see. I am finally getting back to having time to do some things for I will be back to writing and computer. For those of you out there that have had this type of experience, I admire you, it's hard!!!!!!
See you very soon.........


  1. You need a break, woman! I hope TJ forgives you soon and realizes you're doing the best you can. Tank and Faith are such sweethearts and maybe their forgiving nature will rub off on him. Aw, who am I kidding? The Husky is just wanting to put in the miles...he doesn't care about excuses. He's so handsome. I love that Tanky face and that sweet, sweet Faith girl.

    1. I do need a break....finished all moving etc. last week and dad has 24 hour a bit of time for me!!! You know better with TJ....he's just like all of our huskies!!! My other two were real troopers though.