Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tanky's Day Out.....

Sometimes I feel like I spend all my time worrying about Lizzy, to the detriment of my other three. I've decided that once a week I will take one of my other kids on an excursion just for them.....just the two of us. Tank was up today. He needed a bath.....he has an allergy to mosquito bites so every summer it is a struggle to keep him from scratching all the time. Also, he really likes baths!! Before we went to Unleashed for his bath I took him for a long walk in the park , which he loved, since he could pee on every tree there!!

Of course he would never look at me so I could get a good picture of him.....dogs!!! After his bath, and of course a treat just for him , we were on our way home.
He was very happy on the he is sitting right next to me. Love that little man, we had some fun week Faith gets the same excursion.
If anyone knows some natural ways to help with the itching.....please let me know.
The kids have something special for tomorrow.
Have a great evening......

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  1. Aw, Look at your handsome guy! I bet you had fun with him today. I hope someone comes up with something to help with the itching for him!