Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Keep Your Fingers Crossed......

Adam....our beautiful big boy, finally had a great family send in a foster application for him. We have been taking him to shows trying to get him some attention....don't know if that was it , but that's the story I'm going with. They came to see him last Friday and just fell in love. He is great with small kids, not all larger dogs are, and their one year old and three year old had a great time!!! I think they really wanted to adopt him on the spot....but he has one small problem. He's very storm phobic. We were going to have another round of storms that weekend and wanted them to be able to deal with that. The great thing is that the mom works from home so he will always have someone around. Haven't heard anything so hope no news is good news......
This beautiful picture was taken by one of our volunteers after she took Adam for a  walk....

Have a wonderful evening and keep good thoughts for our boy!!!!


  1. I love that boy! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that he's found his home. Hopefully, Liesl will be meeting a family that put in an application for her. I spoke to the mom and she is having her kids pay the adoption fee so that they will take the responsibility seriously. Hoping this is Adam's furever home and that Liesl's is soon to follow!

    1. That would be so wonderful for both of them!!!

  2. He will be adopted. His very future Mom (and foster) call today to send the paperwork to mane it FINAL!!