Monday, January 18, 2016

The Good and Bad so Far......

My goal this year was to write it is the 18th and my first post of 2016. In my defense,I had a very sick client's dog to take care of and was spending a lot of time there......much to my dogs unhappiness. I plan on doing a post on ailments in older dogs and what happened to this sweet girl...but that is for another time.
The bad started out the year.....on January 1st beautiful Albus had a series of seizures....he seemed to come out of it but was going to the doc on the 2nd. Sadly, when Ron his foster dad came to get him that morning he had died in his sleep. I know Ron was very upset, as were we all...Albus was a young boy...probably no older than four....we will never know what happened so fast...just hope he is running and playing on the Rainbow Bridge with all of the great dogs and cats that have passed before......all love to you will be missed.........  

Albus with his buddy, Ron
On the good side a few things since the beginning of the year.....
Miss Kaila got to have a few week in a foster home...we love it when people can foster. Gives the dog a break from the rescue with more attention!!!
Miss Kaila....
Our boy with the skin problem also got some good news. Malbec was taken to foster by our good friend Elsie....but she and her husband decide to adopt and he got his new home this weekend. We know Shiloh...yes, he already has a new name...will be well taken care of and his mange will eventually go away with the TLC he will be given!!!!

Shiloh and new mom Elsie!!!
I hope you are having a good new year.....Miss Lizzy is doing well....I am so glad to report!!!!
Have a wonderful evening......


  1. Were sad abour the sad things too, We always hope for a better year- right? We are glad that Lizzy is doing well.

    1. Yep...we always hope for a better year....but life goes on. Happy about Lizzy myself!!!! Love ya!!!