Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Story and Some Pictures......

The story first......a couple of weeks ago we got a really great application for Miss Liesel. The family had apparently been fostering a Husky that looked a lot like Liesel and were very excited to see her!!! We got her all ready for Christmas.....

Look at that beautiful face!!!
She looked so pretty and was on her best behavior. When the family walked in the door, I knew it wasn't going to happen. I have worked so many adoptions....and very few don't go through, but this
one wasn't. The mom and daughter were excited but dad just came along. He was totally disinterested and after a half hour said they would break for lunch. I was hoping they would at least have the courtesy to call and let us know they weren't coming back.....they did.....so beautiful Liesel is still looking for a home......Luckily she is so sweet and we will find her something after the Holidays!!!!
Had to add a couple of pics......

Yes...that is BLD giving us the evil eye Christmas night!!! Pat dressed him in the Santa suit and posed the Christmas Bear right by him....had to give him credit, he actually sat for about three good shots before he ran out of the room and pulled off the suit......but better than you would have gotten with any of my dogs!!!

My son took this selfie of TJ and himself before he left for Michigan......have no idea about the vicious look on TJ's face, he's the most docile dog I have.....but he sure looks mean there!!
I will be back before the New Year.....now that I can get on my computer I can write again....
Have a wonderful evening!!!!!


  1. I just love Liesel! She is one of the most loving dogs ever. Her eyes are constantly saying "What can I do to make you happy?" She is just adorable and deserves a family that will return that adoration.

    1. Wasn't the right family for her.....we'll find them!!!!

  2. TJ...well, that shot just had to be one of "those" moments. You know, like the unfortunate moment someone catches you on camera with your mouth full or in the middle of a yawn? Cuz, c'mon, TJ could scare a plate of food, if food had feelings but other than that...uh, NO! lol, he's such a beauty.

    1. I know....I couldn't believe that picture!!!